Canada and US Customs Bonded Carrier

Welland Terminal Location:

715 Reaker Road

Welland, Ontario

L3B 5N7

Toll Free number: (866) 688-9290



Welland Contacts:


Ed Bogucki                                                    Denis Osmanagic             

General Manager                                           Terminal & Fleet Manager

Ext. 101                                                           Ext. 232


Christopher Watson                                      Dick Kooger       

Van Dispatch and Local Flatbed                  Sales

Ext. 107                                                           Ext. 238


Debra Gasperetti                                            Daniel Plante    

US Flatbed Dispatch                                      Vice President R&D

Ext. 243                                                            Ext. 1

















To Reach all our Dispatch  Team

Email us at:

Dispatch Fax: (905)-732-0334


Wolverton Transport & Logistics Inc.

715 Reaker Road

Welland, Ontario

L3B 5N7

Phone: (866) 688-9290                Fax: (905) 732- 0334